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We’re Gonna Catch ‘Em All!

Have raccoons taken up residence in your attic space? Are gophers creating sink holes in the ground on your property and you need ‘em out of there? Call Ketch-Um Wildlife Control for all of your wildlife problems.


Opossum in cage   Nutria in cage


Owner Bob Gilman has 30 years of wildlife control experience working for individuals, small businesses, large corporations and government agencies. Let our well-trained and qualified employees rid you of everything from moles to bears and everything in between, all at fair, reasonable prices.

Feel like nature’s fauna is invading? Don’t panic—
call Ketch-Um Wildlife Control today.

We are fully licensed, registered and insured.

Ketch-Um Wildlife Control

Albany, OR


(541) 619-1044

Alternate Phone:
(541) 619- 9486

Ketch-Um Wildlife ControlKetch-Um Wildlife Control of Albany, OR offers a wide variety of services for all of your wildlife issues.